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Coin Collection Tips: Finding A Coin Dealer

Coin dealers can be considered as best friends of coin collectors. It is quite easy to find one. Although, with qualities like being ethical and honest playing an important role, it may take you quite some time to search for one. As a coin dealer, you would want to negotiate or entrust your coin collections to someone who is qualified to play the part. What are the characteristics that you would like your coin dealer to have? He shoul... [Read more]

Starting A Coin Collection For Your Children

Starting a coin collection especially for your children can be fun and exciting. More than that, it can be profitable too. A lot of parents start a gallery of their coin collection for the sake of their children and the generation after. It is quite a thrill to fancy old coins and show your kids how the mode of currency looks like, way ... [Read more]

Coin Collecting Basics: Your Own Coin Collecting Kit

Coin collecting is not as simple as keeping coins: it may be observed from numismatists or even coin enthusiasts that it is a systematic and somewhat complicated hobby. Certain tools must be employed to ensure both fun, discipline and to some extent, good pr... [Read more]

What Type Of Collection To Start?

Many collectors have a particular theme for their collection. The very real possibility of completing the collection makes collecting exciting for many collec... [Read more]

Collecting Coins

How do people start collecting coins? Do they just wake up one morning and say "hmm, I think Iíll start a coin collection"? Well, maybe, but for most collectors, it starts with a ... [Read more]

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RTN Newspaper

The most valuable £1, £2 and 50p coins REVEALED: Experts reveal the 'rare' coins
Rare coins are worth a lot of money, and anyone could have a tiny fortune hidden away in their change right now. Do you know what to look out for to make the most of your money. Some of these coins can fetch hundreds, even as much as ¬£800, so a little ...
Check your change for old £1 coinsRTN Newspaper
Mint ramps up cent outputNumismatic News
When do the old £1 coins go out of circulation, how many of the new coins have defects? All you need to know…The Sun

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World Coins ‚Äď Diana Rose Coin Commemorates Popular British Princess
We have achieved this unique finish by striking an indent into the coin and fixing an intricately carved piece of mother of pearl in the shape of the rose into the cavity. The color of the Mother of pearl is unique to each coin and features a mixture ...

Cornwall Live

Treasure hunting pair unearthed nearly 2000 Roman coins in a field in Cornwall
Cornwall Live
A pair of metal detecting enthusiasts have spoken of their disbelief and joy after they unearthed nearly 2,000 Roman coins in a farmer's field in Cornwall. Mixed up with the money was the remains of a pure tin container, with a handle and lead stopper ...

BBC News

Sussex man held in Turkey for smuggling ancient coins
BBC News
A British man is facing up to three years in a Turkish prison for trying to take home some ancient coins found on the seabed during a family holiday. Toby Robyns, 52, an ambulance driver from Southwick, in West Sussex, was arrested as he made his way ...
Briton arrested in Turkey over coins he found while snorkellingThe Guardian
British tourist held in Turkish prison after being arrested at airport with coins he found while
British man jailed for trying to take coins he found in the sea out of TurkeyMetro
Daily Mail -The Times
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