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1 oz (.999) Fine Silver Bars
September 29th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Bars and rounds of any size or weight are an excellent way to invest in pure silver while avoiding the premiums usually found on legal tender bullion coins. They are easily bought and sold, stored, stacked and counted.

Silver is another way to invest your extra money on a month to month basis. Much less expensive than gold, silver still rises and falls to world events the same way its golden metal cousin does, while continuing to increase in price in relation to inflation. And silver is pretty, fairly easy to transport and make great gift giving.

When should you buy silver bars and when should you sell? I look to see which party is in charge of the US government. When Republicans are in power in the White House, I know that there is going to be a lot of death world wide and chaos and confusion. People will suffer and the emotional value of silver (and gold, too) will start going up. I have always found opportune to make a god profit with first -2 years of a Republican President.

Of course, when Democrats have the White House - you will soon have a chance to purchase silver at lower prices. It may take a couple of years for the Democrats to start the recoveries, the healing and produce prosperity again, but that is normally when I buy precious metals in quantity.

There are other investment strategies, just buying a set dollar amount each month, regardless of the fluctuations in price is another way to invest.

But no matter what your goal is, here are a variety of different silver bars to consider...

a Look at different kinds of silver bars.

News About Silver Bars

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5 Responses  
  • friend writes:
    September 29th, 20101:40 amat

    Review by friend for 1 oz (.999) Fine Silver Bar – Eagle Design
    Item as described. Regarding a previous post, these are not gift boxed with bows. Were sent in a small envelope, wrapped in a smaller envelope and sealed in plastic. Shipped fast.

  • R. Rivera writes:
    September 29th, 201012:16 amat

    sometimes the bars come in in boxes… When I received the silver I was very amazed when I had seen that each piece had come in it’s own little gift wrapped box with a bow tied around it, inside was crinkeled confetti and the silver placed inside a see through pouch. Both certificates were also rolled and tied with bow. Needless to say, I will be continuing to buy from this company in the near future

  • Eldibs writes:
    September 29th, 20101:01 amat

    It is fun to buy silver bars… It’s a one ounce bar of silver. Not much to say about it. They got everything right, even though it’s hard to mess it up. It was in flawless shape, the printings on it were clearly unmarred, and it was made from silver. I purchased it as a gift for my father (who likes to keep some precious metals around) to cheer him up after he had to sell off all his silver and gold coins. He was very happy with the gift, so I give it five stars.

  • Croft31 writes:
    September 29th, 20102:37 amat

    I love silver and had done some business with this company before. I have been pleased with their service and the bars always arrived lightning fast. I will purchase from them in the future.

  • Jimmy J. Shaw writes:
    September 29th, 20103:17 amat

    Buying silver bars… Received faster than I thought it would be and this is an outstanding item to purchase if you want high quality silver at fair price. I have purchased several of these and they are beautiful when you received them as their picture looks on your PC screen. Given the fluctuating price of silver, they were a bargain at the time. Thanks!!!

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